Track 12 - Worship Planning

In this track (hosted by the Multicultural Worship Leaders Network) you'll learn best practices related to worship planning and delivery in and through a healthy multi-ethnic church.

Workshop Schedule

Session A - Tuesday, Nov 5 (10:45a) - Creative Service Programming (I) :: Nikki Lerner

In this workshop, Nikki will discuss and help you learn how to creatively plan the elements necessary for a positive, multi-ethnic worship experience by involving culturally diverse leadership, expressions, and forms.

Session B - Tuesday, Nov 5 (1:30p) - Creative Service Programming (II) :: Josh Chavez

In this workshop, Josh will continue the discussion to help you learn how to creatively plan for a positive, multi-ethnic worship experience by involving culturally diverse leadership, expressions, and forms.

Session C - Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a) - Incorporating Multiple Languages/Musical Genres in Worship :: Josh Davis

Come consider and learn from Josh practical step-by-step approaches to help you implement multiple languages and multiple genres within one multi-ethnic, multicultural worship service…and more importantly, why you should even try.

Session D - Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p) - Bringing Diversity in Worship to Any Size Congregation :: David Bailey

No matter what the size of your church, you and your congregation can experience diverse worship. This session will offer basic principles for cultivating diversity in the worship experience, and offer specific tips for small, medium, and large churches.