Track 3 - Transitioning a Homogeneous Church

In this track you'll learn best practices related to transitioning an existing homogeneous congregation into becoming a healthy multi-ethnic church.

Workshop Schedule

Session A - Tuesday, Nov 5 (10:45a) - From Historically Homogeneous to Authentically Multi-ethnic :: Wayne Schmidt

Come learn from the story of Kentwood Community Church and its continuing journey to reflect heaven on earth in a changing community. Wayne will share transferrable principles and best practices to help with transition in your own context.

Session B - Tuesday, Nov 5 (1:30p) - Our Story of Transition :: Beau Hughes

Over the last six years, The Village Church in Denton, TX, has attempted to honor God in taking steps toward becoming a healthy multi-ethnic congregation. Come hear of one church’s journey and movement away from homogeneity to diversity.

Session C - Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a) - Listening Well to Diverse Voices :: Dana Baker

Grace Chapel’s transition from mono- to multicultural church required leaning how to listen well to diverse people and creating environments where even quiet voices can be heard. Come learn from Dana’s experience in helping to lead the way.

Session D - Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p) - Our Story in Transition :: Tim Celek

Tim says, “We don’t have it all figured out, but we are moving forward anyway!” In this workshop, he’ll share’s the frustrations, joys, struggles, and successes of leading a church out of homogeneity into ethnic, economic, and generational diversity.