Track 2 - Multi-ethnic Church Planting

In this track you'll learn best practices related to multi-ethnic local church planting.

Workshop Schedule

Session A - Tuesday, Nov 5 (10:45a) - 72: Evangelism in the City :: John Teter

We all want church members to engage in the hard work of evangelism and making disciples. But how practically can we call, train, and send them to do so? In this workshop, John will provide insights and resources.

Session B - Tuesday, Nov 5 (1:30p) - The Cost of Diversity :: Naeem Fazal

This workshop provides a candid conversation about the cost of creating a diverse faith community. Naeem will also explore how to break barriers and build bridges in order to reach people who are not like us.

Session C - Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a) - Five Reasons to Plant a Multi-ethnic Church :: Frank Wooden

The best way to reach un-churched people is by planting churches that look like the diverse communities in which we live. This workshop will help you see church planting as fulfilling God’s commission to go… make disciples of all nations.

Session D - Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p) - Planting Multi-ethnic Churches in an Asian American Context :: Ray Chang

Rather than one homogenous group, Asian Americans are composed of various heterogeneous cultures. In this workshop, we’ll explore how to effectively plant churches with Asian Americans and have a vision for the multi-ethnic church at the same time.