Track 5 - Sociological Insights

In this track you'll consider the latest research, demographic shifts, and coming trends in order to reach an increasingly diverse and cynical society via the multi-ethnic church.

Workshop Schedule

Session A - Tuesday, Nov 5 (10:45a) - Ten Years After United By Faith: New Insights :: Curtiss Paul DeYoung

In this workshop, key findings from the book, United by Faith: The Multiracial Congregation as an Answer to the Problem of Race, will be identified. Following this, insights and correctives from the ten years since its publication will be shared.

Session B - Tuesday, Nov 5 (1:30p) - Uncovering the Hidden Processes that Fuel Divisions :: Christena Cleveland

Come learn why cultural divisions exist, why we tend to gravitate toward others like us, and to view diverse others in overly simplistic terms. Christena will provide practical tools for overcoming the challenges of unity and diversity.

Session C - Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a) - The Effect of Mono-ethnicity in American Evangelicalism :: Dave Olson

Beginning with a conversation between Dr. Howard Thurman and Gandhi in India some eighty years ago, this seminar will trace the effect of mono-ethnicity on American evangelicalism, giving special emphasis to the dramatic effects of religious segregation.

Session D - Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p) - Leading Toward God's Multi-ethnic Kingdom :: Alvin Sanders

The United States is fast becoming a majority-minority mission field. How will your organization respond? In this workshop, Alvin provides insight into the practice of leadership that results in the organic creation of a Christ centered multi-ethnic organization.