Track 7 - Overcoming the Racial Divide

In this track you'll enjoy a candid discussion re. why and how the Evangelical Church must overcome its historic segregation along the lines of race and class.

Workshop Schedule

Session A - Tuesday, Nov 5 (10:45a) - Letting Go of White Jesus :: Kyle Ray

What do pictures on the walls say to people in the pews? In this workshop, Kyle will explore the origins of the traditional images of Jesus and share the story of one multi-ethnic congregation that chose to stop using them.

Session B - Tuesday, Nov 5 (1:30p) - Unexpected Gifts :: Gail Soong Bantum

Gail will speak to the legacies of the White/Black divide from the perspective of a Korean American woman, share why the legacies of race endure, and how unexpected voices can help us overcome the divides to re-imagine life together.

Session C - Wednesday, Nov 6 (10:45a) - Conflict Resolution in a Multi-ethnic Context :: Rod Cooper

Conflicts are inevitable and become more complicated when various worldviews and cultural differences enter the equation. Rod will address these and other key questions in this seminar that is biblically focused and practical in nature.

Session D - Wednesday, Nov 6 (1:30p) -  Embracing the Pain :: Chris Beard

Extraordinary kingdom synergy, cross-cultural resourcing, and spiritual impact, will remain latent, untapped, and unrealized until we embrace the pain of racial reconciliation. Come learn from Chris in his pursuit of healing across the Black and White divide.