An Historic Event!

The Multi-ethnic Church Conference is being held for only the second time in the United States, and for two days will represent the epicenter of the growing Movement as featured recently in this USA Today page 3A article. By attending, you'll ...

  • Gain personal access to the most experienced multi-ethnic church pioneers, pastors and planters, authors, theologians and educators in the United States today!
  • Deepen your understanding of the biblical theology, core commitments, current research, common challenges, and best practices of multi-ethnic local church planting, growth and development!
  • Tailor the experience to fit your own needs and interests by choosing to attend one of fourteen specialized tracks and/or any combination of a total of fifty-six workshops being offered at the conference!
  • Establish cross-cultural relationships to build your multi-ethnic ministry "bullpen" for further connection and resourcing after the conference!

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Mosaix is a relational network that exists to catalyze the growing Movement toward multi-ethnic/economically diverse churches throughout North America and beyond.

Mosaix promotes the multi-ethnic vision by casting Vision, connecting leaders, conferencing, and coaching.

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